All pets - Get inspired!

Be inspired by other customers

This is Kapten with a Sketch Full Body - on point! 

Louie in a Watercolow style illustration, really captures the beautiful colors

Pop style!

Sketch Portrait is great to focus on the facial features

Pastel is the best of both worlds. Zappa's colors and details are very clear

Leo with his Sketch Portrait<3

Pastel style looks exactly like Charlie!

Oscar'r puppy years captured with a Sketch Portrait

We can even do dogs with hats! :D

Cats in Watercolor-style always turn out great!

For a mode stylistic approach, use Sketch style

Is there anything more calm than a sleeping cat?

Detailed Sketch Portrait will capture your cat's gaze and personality

Sketch Portrait of a sleeping cat

El Lakrits looking fabulous in Sketch style

Watercolor captures the colors of the horse

Full body Sketch of horses becomes a statement piece in your home

Gorgeous texture and detail in Sketch Portrait 

Focus on the head and neck with watercolor to capture personality

The more horses the better!

Sketching a beautiful bird is always fun!

The gorgeous bunny Stampe in Pastel style

An exotic hen in Watercolor style!

Linus in stylish Sketch Full Body

We can also do full environment illustrations

More bunnies to the people!

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Valentines gift

It is so nice! I got it as a gift for Valentines :D Thank you!

He is so beautiful__

He is so beautiful__

Super happy!

We are super happy! Thank you so much __


I am very happy!!____


So well done! Wonderful __