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We are The Puppy Poster

We launched in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018 and now we produce locally in the USA, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and in many more countries!

Our goal is to make it easy and enjoyable to create unique, personal and stylish posters of what we love the most - our pets!

All our prints are made with high quality paper, ink and printing processes. We want to spread pet-joy by decorating homes with unique pet art
- Every pet is a masterpiece!

We have production locally in over 30 countries, making it environmentally sustainable and we are able to deliver very quickly (2-5 days generally).

A joy-spreader in every home!

Guaranteed to make you smile!


“I smile every time I walk past mine at home. It is our favorite piece of decoration”

The love we have for our pets is strong. Our mission is to spread this love further by celebrating our pets through the decoration of our homes. Our pets are a vital part of our homes, and it all feels empty without them. Capture a special moment, a special pose, a special feeling. We promise you that your home will be an even happier place!

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Drottninghusgränd 2
11139 Stockholm