We are The Puppy Poster

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018, we've since expanded our paw-some pet portrait production to the USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and many more countries!

Our mission is to make creating unique, personalized, and stylish pet posters a breeze, celebrating the ones we love most—our furry friends!

We pride ourselves on using high-quality paper, ink, and printing processes to spread pet-joy by decorating homes with one-of-a-kind pet art because every pet is a masterpiece! With local production in over 30 countries, we champion eco-friendly practices and speedy delivery (typically 2-5 days). Your pet's masterpiece is just a few clicks away!

A joy-spreader in every home!

Guaranteed to make you smile!


“I smile every time I walk past mine at home. It is our favorite piece of decoration”

The bond we share with our pets is unbreakable. Our mission is to extend this love by honoring our pets with captivating artwork for our homes. As essential members of our family, their presence fills our living spaces with warmth and joy. Immortalize a special moment, a charming pose, or a heartfelt emotion with our pet portraits. We guarantee your home will spread even more happiness!

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11139 Stockholm